Empowering Individuals, Promoting Healthy Communities

Board of Directors

The Newport County Community Mental Health Center, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors who identify the mission, maintain fiduciary responsibility, and set policy for the organization. The Board conducts an Annual Meeting, and Annual Retreat, and meets on a monthly basis, except in August when the Executive Committee addresses any necessary business.

Board members also engage the services of a consultant who conducts an annual retreat at which time a number of functions are performed, to include: (1) Review of the Mission Statement; (2) Review of Strengths and Weaknesses of the organization and the Board; (3) Review of accomplishments and shortfalls; (4) Establishment of goals for the following year; and (5) Review and approval of the NCCMHC Strategic Plan.

In addition, members of the Board are asked to participate in fundraising activities and to attend events that are sponsored by clients or staff. These include holiday functions and celebrations conducted at the Phoenix One Club at the 65 Valley Road, the Health Fair at 65 Valley Road, and the Founder's Event at the Anita Jackson House, 316 Green Lane, Middletown. In view of its broad range of responsibilities, Board members have become more and more sophisticated with regard to the requirements that attend to the Joint Commission on Healthcare Accreditation, Health Information, Portability and Accountability Act, and Corporate Compliance.

Front Row from Left to Right: Ms. Ruth Barge Thumbtzen,2nd Vice Chair, Ms. Barbara Audino, Secretary, Ms. Judy Jones, 1st Vice Chair, Judge Stephen Erickson, Chair, Mr. David Kelly, Treasurer

Back Row from Left to Right: Hon. Paul Gaines, Ms. Colleen Medeiros, Ms. Joyce Kirby, Esq., Mr. James M. Lehane, III, President & CEO, Ms. Susan T. Perkins, Esq., Mr. Adam Gingras, Ms. Varina S. Gunn

Not Pictured: Mr. William West, Mr. Joseph Palumbo, Ms. Janice Vashon, Ms. Julie Toland, Mr. Michael Lichtenstein, Ms. Meridith Darby, Ms. Lynne DeBeer, Ms. Inna Nessa Noble, RADM. Barbara McGann, USN(Ret.)