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Because the management stratagem in place for the Newport County Community Mental Health Center has a minimum amount of tiers, it has proven to be highly effective and efficient.

The President & Chief Executive Officer reports directly to the NCCMHC Board of Directors. In turn, the President & CEO directs, oversees, and supervises the Executive Management Team that is comprised of the Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer, the Vice President of Nursing, Quality Improvement & Human Resources, and the Vice President of Administration & Chief Financial Officer.

The EMT meets regularly, at least once a week, and more frequently, as the situation demands. Issues that affect the everyday operation of NCCMHC are reviewed and decisions are derived on the basis of need. Frequently, an issue may require further information before action is taken, but most often direction is extended to each item on the agenda so that resolution is reached.

The Quality Management Council (QMC), whose members include Program Administrators and the three vice presidents, meets on a regular basis, to both receive information from EMT and to make suggestions for EMT consideration. In the time frames when the QMC is not meeting, issues of importance are brought through the supervisory system and eventually to EMT.

NCCMHC otherwise conducts a number of other meetings that serve the purpose of providing opportunity for clinical and administrative issues to be discussed and for any concerns or problems to be resolved. In addition, NCCMHC has an extensive supervisory network that essentially operates with the philosophy that no staff should ever have to feel that he or she has to resolve a problem on his or her own. A supervisor is ALWAYS available, day or night, 365 days per year.

James (Jamie) M. Lehane III, MPH
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lehane has a Masters Degree in Public Health in Hospital and Mental Health Administration from Yale University. He graduated from the College of Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts with a B.A. in Psychology. 

Prior to joining NCCMHC as President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lehane’s most recent position was as Regional System Director of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, Region 4, which includes the Hartford and Manchester areas.  He also has considerable experience leading community-based mental health services as the Chief Executive Officer of the State of Connecticut’s Southwest Mental Health System, the Greater Bridgeport Community Mental Health Center and the F.S. Dubois Center.  Mr. Lehane was also the former Director of Adult Mental Health Services for the District of Columbia.

Upon accepting the position as President and CEO with NCCMHC, Mr. Lehane said, “I am excited to return to providing leadership to an excellent community mental health center such as NCCMHC.  I am committed to continuing and enhancing the quality, accessible, affordable, recovery, and strength focused services that the Center provides.  I am also committed to strengthening our partnerships with the many other healthcare providers in the Newport area and providing an integrated system of care for those most in need.”